Dropping the ball yet again

I’ve been very busy blog, but let me make it up to you. Here’s what’s happening in my life. I had a Q & A session on Juxtapoz.com for a fun new feature called 20 questions. You can check it out here,

Andy Kehoe 20 Questions Juxtapoz

Good times.

And I also released some vinyl skins through a company called GelaSkins to decorate your beloved gadgets. iPhones, iPods, Laptops, Blackberries… even portable gaming devices. I can rule all those little rascals now. Oh, and Brian from GelaSkins was even awesome enough to approve the ridiculous and fun bio I gave him for the website. Just the thought of writing another serious 3rd-person bio almost made me want to go a little Harvey Keitel Bad Lieutenant… which would involve full nudity, a handgun, straight liquor out of the bottle and a whole lot of uppers and hysterical crying. That’s so draining. Here’s a link to my page on Gelaskins,

My GelaSkins!

Well, back to the painting business. May 15th is coming up insanely fast… Oh god. So fast.

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