Roq La Rue show on the Horizon

Lord of Ghouls – Arise Feral Night, Roq La Rue

Only a week before I’ll be shipping all my work off to Roq La Rue Gallery. The house and studio always seem so empty after a whole body of work is carefully and obsessively packed into huge boxes and shipped across the country. Travel well my children. Almost all the painting is done and I’m very pleased with the work. Between this show and the LeVine show in March, this is shaping up to be my favorite year of art making ever. Woo! Ouch, just kicked my printer over. Got so excited. Yeah!!

In preparation for the labor and expenses of getting a whole body of work across the beautiful expanse of these United States, I’m posting a special and very limited edition print, “Great Heights of the Young Dreamer” to my Etsy store. The prints are 8″ x 10″ with a 1″ white border and I’m selling them for just $25.

Great Heights of the Young Dreamer

4 thoughts on “Roq La Rue show on the Horizon”

  1. I have been a fan for a while, planning on getting a Hail the Dark Wonder large print from the jonathan levine gallery. Currently living in Eugene, Oregon and hoping to make a weekend trip to seattle for my first Andy Kehoe show! I cant wait and hope to see your amazing work in person!I don't have money to buy an original work yet but do you normally sell prints of the works on display at these shows? (art gallery show virgin, unless you count museums)


  2. Many hellos from Seattle! I'm a new fan; I fell fast and hard and am now utterly in love with everything of yours I've seen. I am so excited to see your show at the Roq La Rue and have the opportunity to maybe take one of your lovely little creations home. Yay!


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