Print Explosion in your Face!

I just survived a record heatwave here in Portland. It reached a balmy 106 degrees earlier this week and people were freaking out! Almost every store sold out of air conditioners and people were checking into hotels just for the AC’s. Madness. It got so hot, that I had to sleep with my fan in my bed. Don’t worry, it was consensual… I think. Anyways, I had 2 fans blasting, my window wide open and I wake up to my landlord and the building manager inspecting my apartment. They walk into my bedroom with me hugging a fan in my bed in nothing but my underwear. I jolted awake and they ran out apologizing and all I could think to say was, “I had a late night last night!” I thought it was the afternoon, so I was embarrassed to be sleeping so late, but it ended up only being 9:20 in the morning… assholes! I guess they had knocked, but whose going to hear anything with a fan blasting right in their face!
I did have to move my work into my apartment since my studio probably reached over 120 degrees… no joke. Probably would’ve seen visions of spirit animals if I spent more than an hour up there. In the time it took me to get my supplies out of there, my body started weeping sweat.

I just released FIVE new prints on my Etsy Store. Sweet! There is a little mini shop to the right or you can click here. Onward to Prints

I originally planned to release three, but it was too hot for my brain to decide which ones to release, so I just decided to release a bunch. Why not? I’ll have some bigger prints coming out around September so more on that to come.
I’m also going to be partnering up with the BLDG to release a print of the piece, “The Wandering of the Wicked” in the near future. It’ll be an 18″ x 18″ print with a 2″ border, screen printed on Stonehenge 100% Cotton Rag paper. Nice! They are an amazing outfit and have done high quality prints for many great artists over the years and I’m honored to be on board. More info on them here—>BLDG

3 thoughts on “Print Explosion in your Face!”

  1. That's great news about the upcoming Wandering of the Wicked print, I am excited for that one! and love the new prints as well.Crazy about that heat, I live in Phx so everything is air-conditioned (and usually over-air-conditioned). Chicago could be bad b/c I didn't have ac, some stretches of the summer it would be impossible to sleep, the air was so hot and sticky.


  2. I crack up everytime I read your posts. heheheheheheh Too funny. Well, I sure hope it does get cooler. I work in an office, so I'm fine until I get home, where my poor wife and kids suffer.


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