Group Show this Weekend!

Hi Everyone. I’ve got a group show coming up on Friday June 20th at Gallery 1988 San Francisco. I did two pieces for the show and I posted them on my Flickr page if anyone would like a preview. I was hoping to come over to San Fran for the show, but it a no-go. Bummer. I could go for a burrito in the Mission… mmmmm.

2 thoughts on “Group Show this Weekend!”

  1. Oh, my. “Carrier of Secrets and Mysteries” is wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Black Maria show! (I’m hoping for more Hope.)


  2. Hey man – I’m a friend of Chelsea Granger’s; she said you’re moving to Portland…? Well: any friend of Chelsea’s is instantly amazing people, I love everything you’ve got going here, and you are obviously the shit, so drop me a line when you get out here – we will feed you deelishus BBQ.hollaThom /


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