Shit! My Domain Expired!!!

Oh god… somehow my domain expired and my website is a no go. I thought I paid it but I guess that was a foolish assumption. Well, I just paid to renew it and it’s not doing much still. Hopefully it comes back to life in a few moments. Sorry folks! I’m just going to sit here and refresh my website until it comes back. Stressing…

I just checked my billing transactions and I actually paid them in December… what in god’s name is going on here? I could cry… and punch someone’s teeth out.

**update 2**
8 hours later. Site’s still not up and I’ve gotten no reply. Getting very angry.

1 thought on “Shit! My Domain Expired!!!”

  1. Your hosted with Pagesgarden right?I hear they are pretty good, I’m sure the site will be back up pretty quick.


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