2008 Here We Come

Happy New Year! Well… almost anyways. Here’s the postcard for my next group show coming up at ThinkSpace Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s only hanging for 3 days, so for god’s sake get in on the action while you can. I’ve got one piece hanging in the show and it marks a milestone for me. It’s the first piece where I’ve started to use oil paints on top of the usual acrylic paints, and I’m pretty excited about the new possibilities here. It’s a whole new world and I’m digging it… and adjusting to the drying time. I’ll be posting the piece up after the show opens, so be sure to check back. So I hope everyone has a safe and eventful New Years Eve and if anyone blacks out, that they make it home ok without incident… well, bad incidents I mean. Sexy and somewhat shameful incidents are fully encouraged.

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